Select Letters

“…First, even though Mary held the title of dean of students, she did not enjoy the authority to shape many of the policies she was called upon to enforce; she tried to explain those policies as best she could, and to implement those policies evenhandedly, even when it must have been obvious to her (as it was to me) that the policies themselves were, in important respects, problematic…. I know from the testimony of students who dealt with Mary of their personal gratitude for her help…”

Anonymous Faculty Member

“I suffer from a psychological disorder, which drastically affects my daily life on campus. Dean Spellman was the only authoritative figure on campus who I could talk to, and the only one that I felt could really help; more importantly, she was the only faculty member on campus who seemed to genuinely care. Thanks to her, I’ve begun treatment for my afflictions, and hopefully I’m now on the right path to bettering myself as a functional member of society. Unfortunately, she was drawn into this in the midst of my treatment, leaving some ambiguity to the future in her absence…”

– Anonymous CMC Student

“…She went above and beyond her role as a Dean of Students; she dedicated her life to us. She didn’t have her own family because she worked close to 100 hours weekly taking care of her CMC family…”

– Anonymous CMC Alum

“Mary is a soldier.  One sad part of this very sad affair is that the protesters who successfully brought her down never saw that…the victims or potential victims of such acts could hardly have a stronger “ally” than Mary Spellman. The fact that this person had to resign for campus insensitivities for which all of us at CMC were collectively responsible was the worst travesty of justice at this institution in decades.”

Anonymous Faculty Member


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